About TC Handmade/(TC)2 a.k.a. Travesty City T-Shirt Cartel

     I first had the idea for (TC)2 back in 2012 shortly after I had moved to the area from Detroit to care for my sick mother. Unfortunately, I was unable to promote my idea due to time constraints of working full-time, attending college as a full-time student, and caring for my mother. Fast forward to 2019 where my only obligations are to my full-time job which gave me the opportunity to restart my business idea under TC Handmade..

     From the start, I had the idea to set myself from all other competition by making t-shirts that would be "collectible" by only doing small print-runs(25 t-shirts or less for each brand/color of t-shirts). Back in 2012 I also came up with the idea behind what I call "One-Offs". These are truly one-of-a-kind t-shirts!

     At the beginning of 2019, I began making handmade jewelry again. Back in the late 1980's, I used to make and sell bracelets/necklaces at metro-Detroit area beaches throughout the summers. In 2018, I had started to research different gemstones and crystals and the metaphysical powers and vibrations each unique crystal held. I then started purchasing gemstones/crystals from all over the world for myself to make into handmade jewelry. I closed out my TC-Squared, LLC as I had had zero chance to do business due to my busyness with college and work. I came up with TC Handmade as a new name in late 2018 and filed to start as a business in 2019 once I had more free time to invest in running a business. Hope y'all dig what I am doing!